From the recording Pickleball Pete

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Pickleball Pete
©℗ Brian ODay 2021
Published by Brian ODay Music

Well, I went to the park the other day
There’s a game there I like to play
It’s called Pickleball, it’s fast and fun
Ya oughta give it a try

It’s like tennis and ping pong had a baby
It’s great for everyone from 8 to 80
And it’s growing by leaps and bounds
all the time
Well, I might’ve been early, it’s hard to say
But none of the regulars was there that day
Just some silver-haired hippie swinging a
paddle made of pine
I gave him a smile and thought I might regret it
But then without hesitation I said it,
I said, “hey there sir? Ya wanna give it a try?”

And then he said…

I’m Pickleball Pete,
Nice to meet
I go by the name, Pickleball Pete
I got fast feet
And I’m hard to beat
That’s a “P” for the pickle in Pickleball Pete

We both warmed up at the no volley zone
Dinking the ball like a metronome
He started to lull me into a curious trance

Then the smile on his face grew a mile wide
And then we started hitting side to side
His feet moving like the Lord of The Dance

This long-haired codger had played before
But he didn’t know what he was In for
Playing against me the reigning champ

Ya see, I’ve been at this game for years,
And I love schooling these rank amateurs
I said “Go ahead Pete, the serve is yours”

And he said…
(Why thank you sir!)

I’m Pickleball Pete,
It’s so nice to meet.
Most everyone calls me Pickleball Pete
I got fast feet
And I’m hard to beat
The score is 0-0, I’m Pickleball Pete

He jumped right back to the service line
I got set, ‘cuz it was game on time and
He scorched a serve that sizzled like a rocket

I did my best just to get to the ball
But I was more glad I didn’t trip and fall
As I flailed and fumbled and clumsily swatted

Then he ripped a serve from the other side
This time I wouldn’t be surprised
And managed to send back a decent return

I followed my shot like I knew I should
But that old Pete was better than good
And dropped his third shot right in the pocket

He’s Pickleball Pete,
yeah, Pickleball Pete
Yeah, yeah! He’s Pickleball Pete

He’s got fast feet
And he’s hard to beat
Whoa oh! That Pickleball Pete

Well, Pete kept scoring, his lead kept growing
And now some other’s players started showing
To bear witness to me eating some crow

I’d move to the left, he’d hit it to the right
And much to everyone’s delight
He even managed to slip one in around the post.

Pete had power, and he had touch
This old hippie was so good it didn’t take much
Before I took to swearing.

But he just smiled and took it in stride
Hit the next serve to my backhand side
And I promptly hit it in the net.

Aw SH&*&!

I just got beat,
By Pickleball Pete
Oh, oh, that Pickleball Pete

Yeah he’s got fast feet
And he’s hard to beat
Oh, oh! That frickin’ Pickleball Pete

We met at the net to tap paddles
And congratulate each other on a fierce battle
But instead I let my head hang a bit too low

Pete quickly said keep your chin up son
The point of this game is to have some fun
And maybe learn something for the next time ya go

I been at it for a good long while
And seen just about every style
But the only one that makes any sense to me

You get more from the game when you give it your all
And try to keep in mind after all
The name of the game is Pickleball

He’s Pickleball Pete,
Yeah, Pickleball Pete
Everyone loves that Pickleball Pete

He’s got fast feet
And he’s hard to beat (with an attitude like that!)
Whoa oh! That Pickleball Pete